Thursday, March 11, 2010

Autism Medication: Why Do Parents Need Medication for Safety?

Medication is just a tool. It is neither good nor bad. It can help in a variety of ways. But it is just a tool. Many people have an aversion to medication and I understand. On the other hand there is a time and place for medication.

When a child with Autism tries to run at every opportunity it might be time to look at a variety of tools. When a child tries to physically damage themselves or other people it might be time to look at a variety of tools.

To me the critical point is safety. Safety is paramount. Some parents could not make it through the night if they did not have medication for their child to sleep. Who am I to judge?

If a parent seeks medical help to keep their child safe, they are being a good parent. It might be critical at their home for them to be able to sleep so they can be fresh to deal with the next day.

Of course as with any tool a parent wants to use medication with the proper medical care. They would also want to alert all the people who are involved with their child to possible side effects. Parents can keep track of the side effects for themselves and their doctor to continue care.

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