Friday, April 1, 2011

Stages and Competencies in Children with Autism

Listening to parents in general talk about stages and competencies is interesting. The discussion is even more interesting when you have children with Autism. When you have a child with Autism, they don’t develop at an even level.

Typical children don’t develop at an even level either, but with a child with Autism the spread is so much bigger. Then when you add into it what peers might be doing it becomes even a larger spread. That's part of the reason why stages and competencies seem like strange terminology, to me at least.

What a lot of parents get to at some point is that it is ok to be at so many stages and competencies, just different. Sometimes it is a struggle for some of us parents (meaning me!) to get to that point where it was ok.

When my oldest daughter with Autism can tell I am upset, but cannot tie her own shoe I am not surprised any more. I gave up being frustrated or even worried about what other people thought about it too. What do ya'll think? Do you thing in terms of stages and competencies?

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