Friday, May 13, 2011

Sibling's Memory of Autism

It's funny what your children remember. I had two older boys before I had the two daughters with autism. I also have another boy after the two girls. One of the olders boys, his daughter, and his girlfriend were in for a couple nights.

They live about 2 hours away and do not get to see the daughter with full blown Autism very much. Well, they don't get to see either one very much. It's just surprising what DS#2 remembers.

DD#1 has echolalia or verbal tics. She also have appropriate speech on some level. It's one of those symptoms of Autism you hear so much about.

It is just sometimes the verbal tics are worse than other times. There are different triggers. The tics can depend on medication, environment, and a whole bunch of other things. But these repetitive phrases is what DS#2 remembers.

He talked about being able to hear his sister in the early hours of the morning saying "Here kitty, kitty. Here kitty, kitty." I had forgotten about that one. The latest one is "Bar-b-que, Bar-b-que."

Does your child have echolalia or verbal tics? What do your older children remember?

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