Sunday, March 13, 2016

Autism Acceptance

I guess I am having a bad day.  I wonder at the emails I am getting about Light it up blue for Autism Awareness.  If someone has not heard about autism and had the opportunity to look it up I would be amazed.

Autism  has been on every major television station I know of at least once and usually multiple times.  Then articles in newspapers and magazines too.  Student's with autism are  in every school I know about.

I would like to see a month or a day for Autism Acceptance.  That is a lot harder.  It is not that people do not know about it.  People do not know what to do our how to act around someone with Autism.  Then again maybe they do not want to.  

No I refuse to believe that.  I believe most people are basically good.  We as advocates, parents, and individuals with Autism need to help them figure out what to do.