Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Joys of Grandchildren with Autism

I know it has been a really long time since I posted.  I just sort of ran out of things I wanted to say.  Ran out of things to say about the issues my daughters were and do face... Ran out of things I wanted to say about adults with autism and aspergers.

As life has a way of doing though, things change and remain the same.  I live with the daughter with aspergers.  Well if you want to get technical it depends which one of us you are talking to about who lives with who.  I could maintain the house hold if they left and had this house before she and her family moved it so I stand on that. :-)

Anyway, she moved in with the boyfriend and one child.  With in a few months we found out she was pregnant.  Within a week she delivered son number 2.  (That is a WHOLE nother story. How do you not know until you are in the last week you are pregnant for a second child...)

I had noticed some odd things about the first child.  I quickly was able to zero in on some behaviors as child number two grew.  I kept thinking no.  But yes...

We have the diagnosis of autism for the second son because it was easier to identify the characteristics.  We go to the appointment for the first child which I fully expect to be the same diagnosis for as well.

We have gotten EarlySteps for the first child and now services from the school system.  The second child is in EarlySteps now.  I am using everything I learned.  We are even going to try some new things with the boys.  Particularly since the first grandson is so aggressive.

Who knows?  Maybe I will start blogging again regularly too.  Any grandparents working with adult children and grandchildren with autism spectrum disorders out there?

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