Saturday, November 23, 2019

Is It Autism Or Something Else?

Is It Autism or Something Else?

(She loves to take selfies 
and send them to me.)

Autism doesn't go away or just get better. Maybe it is different but Autism is still there. That said I am still amused at some of the things the girls, now adults, tell me.

DD#1 has state funded services. One of those services is Direct Support Personnel (DSP). These workers help her in her own appartment. They are supposed to HELP her do all the things you need to do to maintain your household. (They are also trained to help with Autism behavior issues too.)

So recently DD#2 called me:

DD#2: What are you doing?

M: Taking a nap. Who is your person today? (Standard question between us.)

DD#1: Ms. T, she is hanging up my clothes for me.

M: DD#1 you know how to hang up clothes. Why aren't you helping her?

DD#1: Because she is doing it for me.

M: DD#2 that's not how this works you are supposed to be helping her.

DD#2: Mom go back to sleep. Finish your nap.

Granted people with Autism are extremely honest but really? Then again maybe this is just a young adult asserting their independence. That is good. But then again maybe the DSP is just spoiling her....  What do you think?

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