Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aspergers and Stealing Really?

My second daughter has been giving me fits. She is old enough to do what she wasnts as everyone continually reminds me. I keep reminding everyone that she has impaired judgement because of the depression and Asperggers.

She took off to Michigan with the boyfriend, his sister, his mother, his grandmother, and 14 cats and 3 dogs. I knew it and they assured me they had a place to go to, in the winter. It didn't all work out that way.

Anyway before they left they were selling stuff. They had baseball cards for sale. The boyfriend's deceased grandfather's cards. I like baseball cards and wanted to look.

As soon as I looked through them for a few minutes and realized they were mine. Of course she told me they weren't mine. Finally I told her she better find mine or I would call the police. She 'magically' found the cards the next day.

I'm mystified. She didn't used to steal. Did she know they were mine in the beginning? She had to know at some point. For someone who lives in black and white, I don't understand where this came from.

Of course I'm busy reinforcing stealing is wrong. I also lock everthing now.

What do you think?

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