Friday, January 21, 2011

My daughter is worried about losing her hours. Our state was going to a system where there are levels of care. Because of the bad economic times, instead of continuing in the phase in the state is doing it all at once.

Even though my daughter has Autisn, I tell people she is smarter than they realize. Not unlike her mother she is always paying attention. She did get a lowere level of care this time but I asked some questions and got it straightened out.

Obviously other people were talking about our system too. My daughter called me and was going on and on. She was concerned about a guy in her apartment building wha lost alot of hours. So many hours that they had to go into a nursing home.

Well although I advocate for people professionally, I don't particularly want to learn about things from my daughter. When mentioning it to the provider agency they could not imagine where she learned about it.

Another night Dominoe called me fussing. This time it was about the DSP telling her she could get in trouble with the police for talking about it. Not that I care, mind you, but I spent a half hour convincing her that it wasn't her that could get into trouble.

Another call to the provider. The explanation this time was that she misunderstood. I know better. She understood clearly. She's no fool.

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