Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Autism Services and Independence

I have been having an interesting discussion about the Supported Independent Living (SIL) services for my daughter. It's one of the services available for people with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

During a discussion about the small change (nickels and dimes)her grandmother gave her the provider told me some interesting things. The supervisor said they had to count every dime. More importantly she told me it was part of the program.

I told her at the time I would check. Since the program is part of the NOW waiver in my state. I called the local office to ask them. They told me it might be for her safety and the safety of the provider company.

Eventually after I made it clear that I wanted to see those rules in that part of the program the local office said they would talk to the provider.

Eventually the NOW office called me back to tell me that it was part of the provider's rules. The NOW office told me that it was because she had staff in her house with her. I understand.

Really I do. But how intrusive. At some part I asked the person at the NOW office who counted her change. No one counts my change. And I do understand, but...

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