Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Youngest Teenager and His Sister with Aspergers

My youngest son surprised me last night. He is the last one at home. The sister right above him has Aspergers. They are only 16 months apart. When you add the fact he is the youngest, she has Aspergers, and they are so close together, it was pretty rough at times.

For years he believed his sisters were cheating because they got help at school. At times I have accessed counseling for the girls. I was blessed with a counselor that believed the family should work as a unit. Therefore she might work with any combination of the girls, my self, and my sons.

She helped me get the youngest son to the point he understood his oldest sister with Autism needed the help. She got him to understand that her world was small compared to his, even though my son was only 8 years old then. It never worked with the sister with Aspergers.

He just did not believe it. Still does not here at 16 years old. He came home from his part-time job last night fussing about one of the workers who did not do all of his job. Then, this is the surprising part, he said that he could cut him some slack because this other boy was sor of like the sister with Aspergers.

I never said a word. I will eventually but he was already upset than more than one of his co-workers were not pulling their weight. It just was not the time. I am just so excited this was a definite change in attitude.

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