Friday, November 2, 2012

Being a Girl with Aspergers

Fair warning we are going to talk about Aspergers and female issues.  Sooo if you don't want to hear about it stop now...



Ok so if you are still here,  I suppose I have mentioned this before, if not here somewhere, it's interesting to have a daughter with Aspergers.  She is so doggone literal.  To the bone literal if you know what I mean.

We were texting.  Now if you have a child with Aspergers and she or he can text I highly recommend it.  I have experienced and heard other parents mention that their child seems to have more stuff to say when they text.  I even have a friend with a husband that she suspects has Aspergers that has mentioned this.  Anyway if they can type or spell, even a little teach them to text and email.

My daughter and I were texting and she says she started her period.  I'm like yeah, that happens every month.   She says no it doesn't for her.  I'm like well I have that going on but it's because I'm older and starting to go through the change.  (You have to share these things with daughters, especially daughters with Aspergers, so they will know.)

Then I ask her if she knows why her period doesn't start every month.  If she did she could plan on it.  DD says her period moves around in the month and sometimes comes twice a month.  Bingo!  There we are with my little (grown) daughter being literal.  I explain that even though everyone says a period comes once a month what they really mean is once every 28 days.

I also explain that every 28 days means the period will start on different days of the month.  It also means that once or twice a year she will have 2 periods in a month.  The funny thing is I also know I have had this discussion with her before.  She forgets.  There is just too much in life going on and months and years are a long time for her. 

So that's my insight for the day.  I hope it helps you if you have daughters with Aspergers.  :)

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