Sunday, November 4, 2012

Relationships and Autism

My oldest daughter has Autism and a new boyfriend.  We were at Bible Study and someone kept calling her.  I wanted to know who it was and she wouldn't tell me.  She bold face lied to me about it.  She's 24 years old so she can do that.  The only problem is she had a guy harassing her a while back.

I wanted to make sure it wasn't him.  Well I worked on it.  It was ok.  He is another self-advocate.  I don't think he has autism but that doesn't really matter.  But I'm hugely amused that she is lying about it.  The shame is I think I know why she is lying.  I suppose it's partly my fault too.

She had a boyfriend a while back.  He wasn't and isn't a very nice guy.  Well he thinks he's all that.  Unfortunately the supervisor at the provider company isn't thrilled with him.  They think DD acts up when he's around.  I agreed, she does.  Anyway I suspect the provider talked to his provider.  They have been keeping them apart. 

Obviously DD figured out that she needed to keep having a boyfriend quiet.  I'm not telling anyone but you!  Shhhhh

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