Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fair Share of Services

My second daughter is an adult with Aspergers.  She does not qualify for Developmental Disability Services.  Well she might if I really pushed the situation.  She would just barely qualify.  So over the years we have gotten her services from the Mental Health system or MHRS.  

She has a case worker that can see her up to 3 hours a week to work on independent living skills and a counselor that sees her one hour every two weeks. Oh and a psychiatrist that she sees once every 3 or 6 months.  It works for her.  

One of the things I pay particular attention to is if the case worker and the counselor actually see her.  They complain that she does not cooperate.  I keep saying if she was cooperative she would not need the help.  And it goes on.  

This is the same daughter who has a son who receives early intervention from EarlySteps.  He is 20 months.  She and I have talked about making sure he gets to see the 'teacher' his one hour every week.  He qualifies for that help and he deserves it is my explanation.  

Well imagine my surprise when she text me last week because she had not seen her worker in a while.  What is more she had called the main office.  She had been told the case worker had a visit with my daughter on her time sheet.  My daughter was hot.  Well in the end, it was a mistake.  

I am more interested in the fact she was worried about getting her fair share of services.  You never know when they are listening.  


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