Monday, July 13, 2015

Honey Moon Is Over

Here maybe 8 months ago we changed providers.  The former provider had changed supervisors.  Dominoe was unhappy and I was definitely unhappy.  The new provider was working very well.  I just kept telling everyone she was honey mooning.

Of course I was the meddling mother, the never happy mother, and the advocating mother.  But I try not to rock the boat.  So just recently one of the DSWs claims Dominoe hates her job and will not cooperate.  When every my self or the counselor asks her Dominoe loves her job.

I do not live with Dominoe.  She has supports 24/7.   There is no telling what was really going on.  Unfortunately, one day after work the same DSW and Dominoe went by the office.  They were running errands and the DSW stopped to get gas.  Dominoe proceeded to hit the DSW.

When the DSW called the provider office, they told her to bring Dominoe back to them.  Dominoe says the DSW hit her.  In all honesty there is no telling if that is true or not.  Dominoe has learned to lie at 26 years old.  I guess she has also learned that she does not have to do what I tell her too.

Dominoe seems fine with that DSW gone.  I really thought Dominoe liked that one.  I am embarrassed and upset that she hit someone.  Again.   There will have to be an investigation by Adult Protective services again too.

I really do not know how to feel about the whole situation.  Dominoe sees the counselor from the Community (Behavior) Support Team.  I just do not know.