Thursday, April 15, 2010

Aspergers, Engineers, Cheating, and Lying

I read an article the other day about cheating. It proposed that engineers cheat less because that profession is more likely to have a person with Aspergers. The article also proposed that engineers cheat less because people with Aspergers lie less. Supposedly this is because people with Aspergers have a harder time lying.

I have a couple thoughts about this. Well questions really. Does that mean people in other careers that have more people with Aspergers are also less likely to cheat and lie? Does engineering really have anything to do with this?

And do you agree that people with Aspergers are less likely to lie at all? I tend to think they may not be as good at it. I am not so sure that means they are less likely to lie but are more likely to get caught. As a matter of fact I am pretty sure about that since I live with a teenager with Aspergers.

What do you think?

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