Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wrinkles in Our Lives

I was having a discussion the other day with my oldest son. He remarked something about Autism being so traumatic for our family. It surprised me and made me think if it was worse for him as the oldest child. I mean worse than it was for me as the parent.

Well later I called him to talk about it. Of course his first remark was that I didn't remember. You know how it is if you have childre above say pre-teen. You're don't know anything or you forgot. It gets better when your children hit their twenties but... Anyway I digress.

My oldest is a son and he is 29 years old and I forgot. It took awhile to get to it but I finally got it through to him that every child is traumatic in some way and at some time. I see all of those things as wrinkles that change our lives. Sometimes change our lives dramatically but all children have wrinkles.

Once he understood that we agreed on what the diagnosis of Autism was like in our lives. I got the impression he thought it was the turning point in our life. He had the idea I didn't think it was important.

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