Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Differences in Dealing with High Functioning Autism

There are several important differences to dealing with high functioning Autism in children. The differences are because children with this type of Autism are very intelligent and fast.

They know about the differences in the world and are not happy about it. They many times know if a situation is fair or not. Unfortunately they also will deal with their frustration on another level.

This is what leads to what some parents call difficult behaviors. It is important to remember that difficult behaviors are a form of communication.

As quickly as a parent can develop effective techniques and consequences for this child, they figure out a different way to get what they want. This means the average parent must constantly be on the look out for new strategies.

This is done by lots of reading, experimenting with your child, and networking with other parents. The alert parent will always be on the look out for the next obsession to use as a reward. They will know which item is their child’s favorite to calm them down.

A child with high functioning Autism will bring out every creative streak or dribble in a parent. Although this might not seem attractive now, this child will make you stronger as time goes on.

Many people do not realize or believe what a joy a child with Autism can be to raise. The child can be loving and a delight to have a discussion with. The child can bring a whole different climate to a family. Siblings are more kind and sensitive human beings. Everyday people do not realize the talent necessary to raise a child with autism either.

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