Thursday, February 17, 2011

AutismSpeaks Transition Tool Kit

At one time everyone I knew was sending this tool kit out. It is basically an ebook by AutismSpeaks. For the most part the ebook was very good. I am disappointed that the residential section is promarily about placement as an option.

There is just so much more out there. I know the waiting list for the HCBS waiver is long in our state. People are waiting 8 to 9 years but it has been a life saver for us. The HCBS waiver is given a tiny paragraph in the residential section.

I do have to say the section about self-advocacy is very good though. I was amused at it. Sometimes you do not know what you are bargaining for when you teach a child with Autism to self advocate though.

At some point I had learned that children receiving special education services could stay in school until they were 21 years old, if they needed to. I had always assumed my oldest daughter would. Imagine my surpriese when she told me no she was not.

I tried everyway I could think of to convince her it was a good idea. I told her it would be something to do. She would miss her friends and anything else I could think of. No dice, she was not having it.

At the beginning of the next school year she said 'No more school?' and looked a little worried. Even though she had exited and walked with her class I told her we could go back and she said NO.

I suppose here 3 years down the road I am amused. I still believe self-advocacy is the way to go but you might not always like what they advocate for! Isn't that what all of our children do eventually though???

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