Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Direct Support Personel

As I think I have mentioned before, my oldest daughter how what in our state is called a NOW Waiver. In other states it might go by different names but on the national level it is called the Home and Community Based Services waiver or HCBS waiver.

With the NOW waiver we have staff that go into Dominoe's house around the clock. Not everyone needs staff around the clock but she does. Anyway those staff are called Direct Support Personel or DSPs.

Dominoe called me on her cell phone. (The best Christmas present in a long time.) She was pretty wired up and chattering about not liking the way the DSP was doing medicine. I knew that particular DSP had been trained, been dividing medicine for years, and had yearly training.

I wasn't really worried about the medicine but I was curious why she was chattering. At some point Dominoe is telling me she can not tell me because the supervisor will be mad and someone told her not to tell her momma!

Was I TICKED. Finally I told her that I would call the supervisor and ask. Dominoe agress. The supervisor did not know what was going on. I called Dominoe back and told her the supervisor said it was ok to tell me.

At some point Dominoe had gone to LRS to apply for services. We are trying to get her another job. There was a policeman and Dominoe was telling him he was in the way! Pnce I understood what was going on I could have laughed.

I can just see Dominoe telling a policeman that. I can just see a policeman puzzled at the way she was acting. What I'm still ticked about is that the DSP STILL think they can tell her not to tell me.

This has happened before. She always acts up and eventually tells me because it is stressful to he not to tell me. We have one of the better providers in this area. They should know better by now.

Most of our DSPs over the years have been good. Every once in a while I think they need a round of smart pills though.

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