Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting To Be An Older Young Adult with Autism

I was thinking again about the oldest daughter, Autism, and the differences in her lately. Part of the changes I see in her are probably due to the growing up process. Although at 23 years old she is not growing up the way she did as a child, anyone with adult children knows they are still growing up.

I have two boys older than the girls and a boy younger than the girls. Right about this age the two older boys made some dramatic changes in the way they thought too. It just looked like a clearer process when they made a decision. Their thinking was so much more solid.

Alot of time I talk and think about Independent Living Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorders for my daughters. But we all need and use Independent Living Skills. I am so pleased at the way even with Autism the girls progress and go through the steps of owning their lives.

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