Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My oldest daughter came to spend the night because they were doing updates on the electricity at her apartment. The electric company was supposed to do it before but they did not.

Anyway there was a community dance we went to. I did not feel good but her boyfriend was going to be there. The boyfriend is older and has broke up with her several times. He tells her he is taking her back. Well, I'm not happy about that, but she is so satisfied with herself when it happens--what am I going to say?

At the dance she was so happy. That's another thing she is so happy when he is around. She laughs and giggles and dances. She also forgets to call me but again what am I going to say.

One evening when I called her she told me she had to get off the phone because she was waiting for him to call. I guess I got bumped. lol I paid for her cell phone bill so I can talk to her. How is that for Independent Living Skills? If she is too busy to talk to be I'll pay for the cell phone.

But she is just different when she has a relationship. She communicates differently. She is more outspoken. Usually when I ask her where she wants to go out to eat she just shrugs. Now she tells you what she wants...

How do ya'll handle relationships? Are your kids even old enough? Please let me know.

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