Sunday, July 24, 2011

When the economy is flush it seems to be so much easier for a person with Autism or any other disability to get a job. It is easier to carve out the parts that other people find boring or that other staff that do not do well.

Many times those are the tasks people with Autism do well and do cheerfully. But those jobs are the first to be cut or absorbed. There are also other ways people with Autism lose jobs. There are just wrinkles to this that bother me.

I talked to a friend who happens to have a disability. He talks about people with disabilities being out manuevered for jobs. He particularly was talking about people who had physical disabilities.

Their jobs are being absorbed because they do not move as fast. Goals that an able bodied person can do take them longer. At least that is what he says. It can be done but it takes longer.

I suppose what bothers me is that while I do not want to dilute a job to make it easier for someone that has Autism or another disability, there also needs to be a place where we let keep people in their job.

Ok, the more I think about it the pissier I get.

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