Thursday, February 18, 2010

Autism Inclusion: Why Do Children with Autism Need Supports to Succeed?

The easy answer to why children with Autism need supports to succeed is quite simple and also quite complex. In the beginning, it is really the parents who need the supports for the child. Towards the middle and the end the child, who is now an person with autism who needs them for a long term plan.

In the beginning for a variety of reasons we need supports to keep our children safe. They are so fearless and innocent that it can be exhausting keeping up with them. After around the toddler age they are usually big enough to hurt themselves or other. A little help is huge at this point.

Then of course it gets more complicated in the pre-teen and teen years. They are even bigger and could do more damage. More importantly they can get into trouble. They are curious and may be more likely to wander. What is scary is they can figure out how to get away in the blink of and eye.

In teenage years it is also nice for some adolescents with Autism to be able to go someplace without mom and dad. Supports allow that to happen while still providing an adult companion whether paid or not paid. It also allows us time to rest.

All of this is in preparation for later in life. Whether in our child’s twenties, thirties, or later we will want to make plans. Those plans depending on how independent our child turns out to be may include long term supports to be successful.

Sometimes adults with Autism need some support during the day and sometimes they need twenty-four hour supports. Of course figuring out how to pay for all of it will have to be saved for a later article.

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