Friday, February 12, 2010

Autism Social Skills: Finding a Spouse

Did I mention my daughter has a boyfriend? She will tell you she ‘luvs’ him. I wonder about people with Autism and their ability to find a spouse. I know two couples that have a member with Autism.

In one of the couples the wife has Autism but both of them have disabilities. In the other couple the wife has Autism, but I only know them remotely.

The couple I have known for longer has been together for roughly 20 years. They seem to make it work. She could drive and would stay with her mother during the day while he went to work.

After her mother died she would go to older friend’s houses while he worked. At some point they moved in with her father. They never had children and somehow seemed to make it work. The husband must have had a learning disability but he seemed very understanding.

I know from watching my daughter that people with Autism have the need to connect. She is so much happier, even when she just gets to talk to the boyfriend.

I seem to be the one with the issues. I have been thinking about it on and off for several days now. I have older children so I have something to compare my feelings to, I suppose. Maybe parents always will have issues with their children’s choices for a companion. Her happiness is really all that matters to me at the end of the day.

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