Monday, February 8, 2010

MY Child with Autism

Raising a child with Autism has at the same time been easy and so difficult. When you are in the process of raising your children you do not realize the creativity and energy that goes into it. Then multiply that times ten to raise the child with Autism.

I was dealing with a child slamming her head on the floor to the point I thought she would break her head. I did not even know what head banging was at that time!

Even though I had two children older than her I had to re-examine everything I thought about children. Then to have a child after that one with Aspergers… Supposedly part of the Autism Spectrum Disorders but so very different. The second daughter required a completely different set of skills.

Would I change it? No. All of my children had made me the woman I am today, including those with Autism.

Everything I have learned though I have learned about Autism I have learned the hard way. A situation has come up, I have had to ask people, go to professionals, or read books. Sometimes I have just had to literally ‘bump’ into someone that knew what to call whatever we were experiencing.

I was offered to send my child with full blown Autism to an institution. I knew in my gut that that was not the answer. I stormed out of that doctor’s office. Now I realize, God Bless him. He was the doctor that Social Security had sent us to for my child’s qualification. The doctor obviously was not offended by my anger.

We got her SSI in less than three month. In our state I had been warned many times we would have to appeal many times. Like I said God Bless the doctor who was not offended by my anger.

Ok, I am rambling for some reason in this post so I will close. I just felt moved to say this today.

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