Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Daughter With Aspergers...

I don’t very often write about this daughter. She is so different than the daughter with Autism She seems to understand and does understand a lot. She also doesn’t understand a lot.

We recently went to a doctor’s appointment. Rose turned 17 years old a couple of months ago. One of the questions I had for the doctor was about how we would be able to get and afford the medication she was on when we lost Medicaid.

I should say we have a really good doctor for my children. He has seen the last three more than the first two children and I trust him. We have gone to him for twelve or thirteen years now.

Anyway the answers to affording the medication were pretty good. Some of the medication could be gotten as generic for $4.00. (Has anyone not heard about this?)
Some were already inexpensive. Only one would be the problem and since the doctor had some kind of welcome at the local charity hospital we figured we might be able to use the drug program there. All good answers.

The I wanted to talk to the doctor with out Rose and he wanted to talk to me. Well the crux of the conversation was the same for both of us. Essentially—“And now what?”

What he said really hit me in the gut. He suggested we go apply for SSI. Oh my goodness. One of the therapists we saw when she was ten or eleven had said the same thing. I guess I never did it because I kept hoping I would not have to.

With my older daughter is was plain early I would need help. I just kept hoping with this one. I will post another time about what I have put in motion. I have just lost my breath over this.

Does anyone have a similar story? Please comment and let me know.

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