Monday, December 14, 2009

Autistic Cat

I was worried about having a cat in our house. It was actually a kitten. I just wasn’t sure how a teenager with autism was going to react to the cat. I also wondered how the cat was going to react to her.

Well my life is definitely different. I think we have an autistic cat. I was worried the cat would bite her, particularly as the kitten got older. It played really hard and would chew on you when you tried to pet it. It would attach you and chew on your feet. We named him Evil.

Imagine my surprise when Dominoe comes flitting through the house holding the cat. She sits down and I realize that she has the cat by the neck. After we established that she wasn’t choking the cat, I watched them. As the days went by when I would see her with the cat I realized that she was squeezing the cat. And it was letting her!

It figures, we have the only autistic cat I know!

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