Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why Do People with Autism Need Social Stories

People with autism use social stories in a number of ways. Social stories when used correctly are an important tool in supporting adults and children with autism. We will look at a few of those ways in this article.

People with autism can use social stories as preparation for situations which will come up in their day to day activities. Social stories can be used to prepare for unfamiliar situations. The story will help alleviate fears and hopefully difficult behaviors stemming from those fears. It can also stimulate conversation on any level about the situation.

Social stories can also be used to teach someone how to use manners. When a character in the story with the person with autism’s name does something the person with autism will be so excited to hear their name. Eventually the person with autism starts internalizing that they can behave that way too. You will even be able to introduce new skills through social stories with practice. This is why I always recommend writing your own social stories. You can craft them to say what ever you need them to say.

Another use for social stories is to go over problems that may have happened in the past. I used to go over the list of rules before we would go into any situation with my typical children. I also did this with my child with autism and the other with aspergers but it did not seem to be as effective. I learned with social stories we could review what happened in the past in a non threatening manner with social stories.

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