Tuesday, December 22, 2009

People with Autism May Need Waiver Services

People with Autism need waiver services for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are for independence as an adult, for the opportunity to stay in their family home or own home, and even to give a parent some time off. These are only a few of the reasons.

When a person with Autism is still a child sometimes their needs are overwhelming. Whether it is because of the constant supervision or behaviors that need monitoring, this can wear some families out. Waiver services can provide a person to help during these times. The length of time is determined by the ‘Plan of Care’ team involved with a child with a disability,

Once a person with Autism becomes a teenager, they will want to do some of the things other teenagers may do. Waiver services will provide the way for this to happen. From providing transportation to providing someone to go with them waiver services can provide some outings. Getting away from the parents under the watchful eye of a trained person is beneficial to the person with Autism and the family.

At some point in time a person with Autism may want to live on their own. Although some families never believe or want this to happen, it is something to think about and plan in some small ways for.

Eventually parents are not going to be around. This happens to everyone and will happen to the person with Autism. Waiver services are part of that small plan for the future.


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  2. Yes, good business idea! :)
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