Thursday, December 24, 2009

Guest Post by PCA Part 2

Dominoe is diagnosed with PDD and Autism. As I learned from books, authorities (parents and professionals), and filmed documentaries, autism covers a wide spectrum of behaviors and cognitive awareness. Since I had success with the microwave there were various activities I continue to do with Dominoe and for Dominoe.

Dominoe likes to have pretty objects around her and in her room. However there are times that disorder takes control and she has bare walls, shelves—everything is in boxes or drawers. Later on when the time is right her possessions are put out again and she has enjoyment of realizing how she has a lot of nice things.

Dominoe works two days a week at a fast food restaurant. One can tell it is her job; she possesses her job. Dominoe will attend activities of her liking. At first large numbers of people would put her in a melt-down. Now she gets tired but she hangs in there.

At first her world was ‘Dominoe’ and now her world is book club, movies, dances, parties, working, sharing in conversation with adults and children, plus being able to convey any new idea/activity she wants/has.

Dominoe is a girly girl. She likes to dress for the activity. There is makeup to wear, music to be heard, hew clothes to buy. She also has made friends with people that do not have to do or get paid to do for Dominoe.

Dominoe is the young female I wanted to be able to mentor. She is the young female that has met senators, representatives, mayors, lieutenant governors in her experience of being and advocate. Dominoe is the modern woman with modern women modeling, encouraging, and admonishing her into the 21st century.

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