Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Dominoe was up at 6:00AM Christmas morning. She was highly upset because Santa did not come to our house. I told her to go look on the kitchen table. She came bouncing back into my bed room chattering that Santa had come.

I yelled, “Now go back to bed!” To my surprise she did!

She got up again about 8:00AM and brought a present with her this time. I said, "Wait you can’t open one that isn’t yours." She said, “Yes it is. See. See.” Yes, she had actually found a present with her name on it. All those years of writing her name over and over were paying off.

Anyway I told her to go wake up her sister. I could hear her telling her sister, “You gotta get up. Be strong. Be strong.” lol

I hope your Christmas was as fun as mine was. Really. We had a blast.

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