Sunday, December 20, 2009

Siblings of Children with Autism

Another interesting factor in having children with Autism is how they fit in the family. In retrospect nothing is funnier than listening to your adult children talk about a child with Autism. Many times parents have a different understanding than children have.

Some parents do not want their child to get hurt. In the process of trying to ensure their safety, well meaning parents prevent their child from experiencing things and situations. Things and situations that are a necessary part of life for all people are overlooked.

I guess what really brings it to mind is the story of a professional working with a family. They were talking about what the then young adult with Autism could do. They talked about things that needed to be done in the house. The mother said that the young man could not put up dishes.

The brothers started laughing. As the story came out when the parents would go out to eat the brothers would make their younger brother with Autism do chores, like put up the dishes and put out the trash.

Siblings sometimes have a better understanding of what is possible….

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