Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Baby Boy

Well exactly one week and one day after we found out my daughter was pregnant she delivered a baby boy.  He's healthy and wonderful of course.

She and I on the other hand are not getting along well.  I was able to keep my mouth shut while she was pregnant.  My patience is gone now though. I did fuss long enough and loud enough that she has the shot before she left the hospital.

We won't have any time where she calls herself on the pill.  I understand and agree she has the right to have children if she wants.  I also know she doesn't understand the consequences of things.  There has to be some way to balance the two.

I'm still concerned that she didn't know she was pregnant.  I'm still wondering if it is the Aspergers. How can you not know?  She is still a wonderful mother but two babies under two is rough.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

She Went To the Doctor for a Cough and Came Out 36 Weeks Pregnant

As you may remember I have two daughters with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  One of them has Autism and the other has Aspergers.  Lots of things have been going on with both daughters.  I just forget to write about them.

Well Rose, the daughter with Aspergers, has had this funky cough.  At times it got bad, so I told her to make an appointment with the doctor.  She went to the doctor on Thursday afternoon.  By the time she was done she was 36 weeks pregnant.

Because she and I argue so much I have been letting her go to the doctor by herself since she was 18 years old.  Particularly since EVERYONE tells me she is an adult and can not be forced to do things like take her medication or use a reasonable form of birth control or cooperate with her case worker.

Then when she had her first son I still let her go to doctor appointments for her and her baby by herself.  I've learned that I talk so much that she doesn't talk when I'm there.  She's a very good mother.  She watches her son like a hawk.  I would only go with her to the doctor if there was a problem.

All of that to explain why I wasn't with her.  The other thing about Rose is she loves her cell phone.  She calls me or texts me most of the time she is in the doctor's office.  She called me that Thursday.
She said the doctor listened to her chest and felt her stomach.

He told her her stomach was 'distended'.  She asked him 'What does that mean?'  He told her her uterus was inflamed.  She asked him 'What does that mean?'  He told her she might be pregnant.  She kept telling him no.  Finally he got an old sonogram machine and gellied up her stomach and let her see and hear the heart beat.  He tried to get her to look at the head but she wouldn't look.

I'm so upset.  I knew she had gained weight but so had her boyfriend.  They moved in about 5 months ago.  We always have food.  They don't have to walk a mile to and from the store.  I figured that was why.  I had been giving her the deprovera shot since March.  It didn't even occur to me she was pregnant.  She had taken a pregnancy test before she started the shot.  She was probably pregnant since January...

And did I mention she has a son.  She's been pregnant before.  How can you not know you are pregnant?  I wonder if it's the Aspergers.  Maybe she is so unaware of her body?  I know problems with realizing where your body is in relation to your environment is one of the problems with ASD.  I really can't come up with another explanation?  What do you think?

A baby is a good thing.  A baby is a good thing.  A baby is a good thing.