Monday, December 20, 2010

Aspergers On The Move

My second daughter, the one with Aspergers, tells me she is moving to Arizona or Minnesota with the boyfriend and his family. The boyfriend she just moved in with by the way. I'm not sure how to feel about that.

It's not the moving to a different place part. My second son already lives in Baton Rouge. Although this is another state. It's more about the fact she has Aspergers. She, not unlike others her age, believes everything anybody else tells her.

She just misses the social cues that could tell her different. There have been so many things that were supposed to happen with this family that have fallen through. I'm not sure if this is real.

The other thing is that we just got her Social Security started. I know she could get it in another state but those in between times can ge rough. I guess I also feel an argument coming because she will want me to give her the entire check at the beginning of the month to go. And I'm not. Am I wrong?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I've been doing some reading about autism and ran across some intesting information. Medicaid spending for autism treatment services has increased by 33% of a three year period, 2000 to 2003. This is the interesting part though, the number of children identified with autism only increased by 32%. When all the numbers blanced out that meant that an individual child only had an increase of 3%. You can see the report here.

So it would seem like a good idea to find the causes of Autism. If we can put a lid on the number of children having ASD then we can control the funding. I'm was just under the impression that it was costing so much more for each child as we went on. What do you think about this information?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

So I'm still thinking out the problems with the daughter with Aspergers. In thinking about all I know and have learned with children with Autism, Asperbers, and my work I have come up with 3 rules now that she is an adult. Part of the problem is she is 18 years old and still has problems with social skills. That's why these rules will have to be black and white.

1. Don't come to my house after 10:00PM unless it's an emergency. I'm still raising a 16 year old that has to go to school. If she wants to be up all night I can't do much about it. He doesn't need to be worried and stressed at midnight.

2. If she threatens to kill herself again, we call the police. She obviously needs to go to the hospital.

3. If she hits me we call the police. She obviously needs to go to the hospital.

That's all I have for now. What do you think?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Social Skills and Self Control

It was a bad night last night. Started out with the boyfriend coming over because Rose told him she was going to kill herself. I think she even had a couple ways to do it. The boyfriend was going to spend some time playing monopoly with his younger sister and Rose wanted him to spend time with her.

Long story short she starts screaming at me at some point. Threatens to hit me in a real backward way. My youngest son jumps in and the boyfriend goes into a seizure.

She believes the seizures have nothing to do with her. This is the second time this week he had had a seizure around her temper.

I keep trying to make sure in my mind what is the difference between her Aspergers and her being a teenager. I really think this is about the Aspergers.

The inability to understand the boyfriend needs a little space. The inability to control her temper. To me these are all social problems that are part of Aspergers.

Arguing with your mother, now that is probably being a teenager. What do ya'll think?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

First SSI Check

The first is the first SSI check my daughter is getting. She is also 18 on the first. At least right now the check comes in my name. My daughter is not happy about this. This is the second daughter, the one who has Aspergers. I'm trying to get her to understand she has to pay bills like rent. First. It's gonna be rough. Help. How has anyone else handled this?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving and Autism

Yes, I'm slow. I know Thanksgiving is past. I've just been thinking about how well it went. The daughter who moved out first, the oldest one, came home without staff for TWO DAYS! I did keep my expectations low. A friend invited us to lunch. My daughter in law cooked for supper.

We didn't have any large crowds to deal with. I didn't have to deal with cooking. It really went well. We got up when we felt like it and did what we wanted.

She washed my dishes and put out my trash. She says she does that at her house. I was very happy. No melt downs what so ever...

I'm still thinking but I am so excited. No melt downs for two days.

Granted she was the only one home but...

What do you think?