Friday, December 3, 2010

Social Skills and Self Control

It was a bad night last night. Started out with the boyfriend coming over because Rose told him she was going to kill herself. I think she even had a couple ways to do it. The boyfriend was going to spend some time playing monopoly with his younger sister and Rose wanted him to spend time with her.

Long story short she starts screaming at me at some point. Threatens to hit me in a real backward way. My youngest son jumps in and the boyfriend goes into a seizure.

She believes the seizures have nothing to do with her. This is the second time this week he had had a seizure around her temper.

I keep trying to make sure in my mind what is the difference between her Aspergers and her being a teenager. I really think this is about the Aspergers.

The inability to understand the boyfriend needs a little space. The inability to control her temper. To me these are all social problems that are part of Aspergers.

Arguing with your mother, now that is probably being a teenager. What do ya'll think?

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