Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Applying For Services

Applying For Services

Applying for services for a child with autism is no fun. I mean who wants to ask for help and tell someone all their problems to justify they need a little help. What makes it worse is the attitude of workers who are generally nice and pleasant.

The things people will tell you... I attended a meeting with a very nice worker who obviously wanted to help the mother. While talking about waiver services the worker said a person could help with baths, light cleaning, light cooking, and such. Then the worker said 'but only if you can't do those things, you still have to be the parent'.

This was a very good mother that did without to take care of her children. It is hard enough to ask for the help your child needs or may need without your parenting being questioned. Then of course many times by the time a parent of a child with autism gets help they are exhausted from years of 'close supervision' and no sleep.

Attitudes like that appear to be ingrained into people that without even realizing it believe your child is they way they are because of the parent. Of course if or when the parent reacts then it must really be because of them. It is a perpetual Catch 22. In reality parents should be seen as part of the solution not part of the problem.

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