Saturday, December 12, 2009

Autism and Your Family

Another important thing for a parent to remember, as if there isn’t enough, is making sure the siblings get information. As parents we look for people to talk to in similar situations. Unfortunately our children are not as skilled at finding people to want to. They also do not necessarily have the ability to find people like we do either.

It is our responsibility to share information with our children and off course according to their understanding level. At one point one of my children wanted to know if they were going to ‘catch’ what Dominoe had. I at that point was responsible for giving them words to be able to describe autism. Giving them information to understand that autism was not something they would catch.

That is also right about the time that I heard their friends asking the oldest child what was the matter with her. He came to me to ask what to say. At that point it was my job to start explaining a little more about autism.

Now that same oldest child is the under curator on the Continuing Tutorship I have to take care of my child. Different information provided for different ages in their life.

I also have younger children than Dominoe. I also knew more with the two children younger than Dominoe than I did with the two children older than her. I was able to find SibShops. I even became a SibShop trainer.

I didn’t think one of my younger children would ever understand about Dominoe. I tried to explain about autism. My friends tried to explain about autism. He just could not seem to understand. He truly thought that she was just getting preferential treatment. He still believes his sister with Aspergers is getting preferential treatment!

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