Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Saying It Over and Over

Dominoe's favorite phrase right now is "Be Strong. Be Strong." Over the years she has been very attached to phrases she likes. She would repeat them over and over.

The first one I noticed years ago was "I'm gonna poke you in your eye!" She would say it over many times in a day. You had to be careful because she might try to poke you in your eye too.

We happened to be in the doctor's office one day and he actually brought it to my attention. He called it a Repetitive Behavior. He explained that some people with Autism have it and some don't.

Over the years the phrase has changed. There for almost a year it was "Co ca Co la". She loved the word and the soda.

All of this to say I have finally figured out where "Be Strong. Be Strong." came from. She got it from a song I heard her singing with the song. Singing seems to be so much easier for her.

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