Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why Do you Need Strategies to Deal With Autism Behaviors

Many children with Autism have behaviors that there parents would like to change. The good news is that this is possible. It will take work but parents are not stuck with Autistic behaviors.

The first thing to do is to realize the purpose of behavior. Children with disabilities have behaviors to communicate. It is up to us to remember and help other people remember this first and foremost.

The behaviors may be communication about good things. They could be excited and happy and still have behaviors we would like to change. The behaviors could be communication about about things your child is unhappy about or upset about.

The second thing to do is to remember that as a parent you know so much already. Without even knowing it you have developed strategies that other people in your child’s life may not know.

One of the things I did when my child with Autism was very young was cover her eyes with my hand. Whenever she got upset and started to tantrum I would just cover her eyes. I know that sound a little strange but it would work.

I did not need to hold her down or grab her. As soon as she calmed down I could remove my hand. I am not even sure how I thought that might work. I guess not taking in so much visual stimulation for a few seconds let her adjust to what was going on.

The third thing to do is to keep a list. Since you have been and will be with your child longer than anyone else capturing your techniques is a must. It will be helpful to other people at different times.

The list will also be helpful to you. When you run into a tough problem you can look over the list of things that have worked in the past and reuse them. If that does not work parents may be able to recycle an idea in some way.

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