Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Uncomfortable Autism

Many times therapies and education for a child with Autism seem to be aimed at making them more “normal”-what ever normal is. I guess it had never occurred to me before. After talking to other families with a member with Autism I became aware of this.

The current topic at our house is my 21 year old daughter’s desire to get her own apartment. I suspect, no wait I know, the reason is to have ‘alone’ time with her boyfriend.

This seems on the surface to be more than typical for anyone who is 21. What is strange is my part in thins. I am essentially having to advocate for them. I’m her mother. Although myself and all five of my children are pretty open and plain in our discussions, I have never had to be this involved.

It feels strange. I asked the provider we work with about the people they serve. They mentioned that the only once which are intimate is a married couple. So that brings up another thought. Does that mean most people with disabilities are not intimate???? WHY???

Hmmmmm. Uncomfortable again.

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