Thursday, August 5, 2010


In our state one of the mental health services which is paid for by medicaid is Mental Health Rehabilitation Services or MHRS for short. We had our first appointment with one of the providers today. Sometimes people amuse me.

I have a teenage son. He is 16 just this past month. If you hit him or push him, he will hit you. Of course the daughter with Aspergers and ADHD wants to scream at him, hit him, and/or push him. The intake person told me my house was violent because he would hit her. I responded he would not hit her if she did not scream in his face, hit him, or push him. Although he is always in trouble when he hits, he is being provoked. She even went so far as to suggest he needed MHRS. I refused.

I guess what I am flabbergasted at is that attitude that he must need help. He listens to what I say. He does what I tell him to do. He has never touched me. He does what he is supposed to do. She does none of these things and has made me black and blue.

We obviously need help. She does not have any place to go. The Aspergers is making it difficult. She can always be with me, but we need to learn some new skills. She needs social skills so she doesn't have to scream, hit, or shove. I'm on board with whatever needs to be done.

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