Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chores at My House and Theirs

So my teenage daughter with Aspergers calls herself living with the boyfriend, his mother, momma’s husband, the 13 year old sister, and the grandmother. Hmm, well and 11 cats and 3 dogs too, that’s another story. She still has clothes and shoes at my house and still sleeps at my house. She has clothes and shoes and sleeps there sometimes too. She’s only 17 though…

Anyway she gets in the car and says she has chores at their house. I started laughing. I told her she didn’t do those chores at my house. She looks at me with those blue eyes and blond hair and says, ‘But they will throw me out.”

I hit the ceiling. Yes, I fussed. Not the best strategy. She may want to come home at some point. I still don’t think she understands the problem with understanding she has to do chores at other people’s houses and not doing them at my house. Err.

I will have to suck it up and go back and explain.

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