Thursday, March 24, 2011

Staffing Notes

My oldest daughter has always had problems with behaviors. One of the things the state is requiring to keep her level of in home supports is a behavior plan. It has been difficult to get the provider to produce the documentation that is needed.

In an effort to make sure it is done I requested the Direct Support Personnels (DSP) shift note. That was an interesting story in it's self. But I read them! I am so amused by the wording. Nothing bad, I'm just amused.

Some of the things written are soo interesting. The DSPs sign in one after another and it is so enlightening to read what is done from one shift to another. I am sure they do not read each other's notes.

Every surface, including floors, is cleaned at least once every day, every counter, shelf, cabinet and the bathroom. Some of those things are cleaned twice a day. Now I do have to admit her apartment is spotless, but twice a day?

If you do not read the DSP notes, I encourage you to do it everyonce in awhile. Whether your child lives at home or not it can give you a real glimpse into things going on while your not there.

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