Thursday, June 16, 2011

Speech Therapy Is So Much More

Just recently when my daughter's apartment was supposed to have a scheduled electricity outage to upgrade the system, she came to spend the night. The next day we were running around and I had to go to the office for a little while.

One the porch to the non-profit where I work there is a stand in one corner with a cement statue of an angel. My daughter saw it and started laughing. She said, "You better hide that statue, grandma's gonna steal it." I was definitely surprised and even got her to repeat it.

My mother collects angels but DD#1 probably has not seen her since Christmas. Even then we were not at grandma's house for the holiday. I supposed all those years of speech therapy paid off. We had to call grandma and tell her about the statue.

For years I tried to get the speech therapist to teach her to chit chat or to notice things and comment on them. Sometimes the therapists understood and sometimes they did not. Some years my daughter did better than others.

I suppose she learned to notice and comment more than I thought. Just as an aside I also worked with the speech therapists to get them to unders stand they were the beginning of reading for my daughter. The vast majority did understand. Other speech therapist thought I was out of my mind... :)

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