Saturday, July 2, 2011

Aspergers and Confabulation

She does not lie and she is not lazy.

I went to the psychiatrist for my second daughter's SSI. It brought up all that anger from all those people, usually teachers, over the years who used to tell me she lied or she was lazy.

I have watched this child with Aspergers and now adult with Aspergers. She works ten times harder than any of my children to produce less than half as much work. I have watched it. I flat refused to let teachers or anyone else say any of those things.

Lying is a deliberate decision to tell something that is not true. She believes what she says. The psychiatrist today said what she does is a 'confabulation'. She believes it but it is not real or not really what happened.

I need to remember that word. I asked if I would get a copy. The psychiatrist said he did not think so because the federal government 'owns' it. Hmm I wonder how I can work on that.

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