Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Morning Tantrums

DD called me fussing.  The DSP didn't want to take her to buy breakfast.  I could hear the DSP in the backgroud talking to her about all the food they had in the house.  That's when I start using all those little tricks I've learned over the years having two daughters on the Autism Spectrum.

I asked her if she had taken her medicine.  I had to ask several times. At the same time DD is still fussing about going out to get breakfast she tells me yes she took her medicine.  So I figured it might be that the medicine hasn't had time to work yet. 

It takes about 30 minutes for the ADHD medicine to slow her down so she can think.  Yes I know that it doesn't exactly slow her down.  The stimulant actually stimulates the higher level skills so she can thing. 

Next I start asking her if she has put on clothes yet.  At the same time I can still hear her fussing at the DSP. I can also hear the DSP talking to her. 

At some point I hear the DSP tell her if they eat breakfast at home maybe they can go to Popeyes for lunch.  She loves Popeyes.  DD hangs up on me.  Finally I know the medicine is working and we are getting past this little tantrum with out any aggression.

A few minutes later I called the DSP and DD was eating eggs and grits.  I could hear her happy in the background.  Sometimes those behaviors can be controlled with a little stalling and redirection.  How have your days been? 

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