Monday, November 11, 2013

Adult Children with ASD

Being the parent of an adult daughter with autism and an adult daughter with aspergers is very interesting. Dominoe turned 25 years old a few months ago. Rose will be 21 years old next month. At this point they are old enough for me to be able to look back and evaluate some of things I tried with them. It also brings a whole host of other issues that are not particularly within my control. This is particularly true with an adult child with Aspergers. Because she is so verbal people forget the difficulties she has until they are presented in an odd situation. The issues with an adult child that has a deeper disability are no less frustrating. From dealing with staff designed to keep her independent to the struggle trying to get her meaningful activities like employment, services are so complicated. At one point in time I blogged about my daughters in the hope other people could find some nugget of information to help them raise a child with ASD. I have gotten away from that. Several adults with disabilities have posted in other arenas about their anger at their parents. I have spent a lot of time thinking and reading about that. Ultimately this is my story too. The issues around small children and adult children with ASD touch my heart and my need to write. If I give away too much information or as one of my children call it ‘TMI’ please remember it is done with the hope I can give other parents hope and joy when raising their child.