Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Next Generation

One of my daughter's, the one with Aspergers, has two sons.  The oldest one seems to have some problems.  He does not really make a lot of sounds.  I have been working with her and going to doctor appointments with her for a couple months.

She really does a good job meeting her boys needs and making sure they go to the doctor when they need to and when they are supposed to go.  She just did not really seem to be getting any where with the primary doctor after I sent her with questions several times.  Maybe she was not communicating the concerns clearly.  That would be typical of Aspergers.  

So I went.  We got a referral to an orthopedist for his foot and his leg.  There are twists where there should not be.  We also got a referral to and audiologist for a hearing test.  That is the first thing to check for speech problems.  I am hoping and praying there is not any thing major going on.  I am glad the doctor so readily was willing to give us what we wanted.  

Well I am also not sure why it was not working before.  Maybe because her son is still young?  He was only 17 months when we started this.  Then again it may be because I am not as willing to take 'no' or 'let's wait' for an answer.


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