Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How To Teach Children With Autism

This started out with how to teach my typical child some things he had to learn for school.  It has turned into a pattern if you will to teach my children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  I keep tweaking it but figured I better get it down while I can.

1.  Talk about it.  What are they supposed to know?  Where is the information?  Did they read it or look at it?  Can they repeat any and all parts of what they know?

2.  Take turns.  Let them be the teacher and ask you questions.  You be the teacher and ask them.  If it is a story role play the important parts.  Act out the things you learn in history.

3.  Tie it to things they know.  Where and when would you use those math facts?  Is there a scene in a movie like what you are learning about in history?  Is there a movie version of a book they are reading in English?  Is it the same or different?  Is there a movie of what they are learning in history?  Is it true or made up?  Which parts?

4.  Is there a visual reminder of some type?  Famous paintings or music that you can attach to the subject?  If it is a social skill can you come up with visual reminders?  Can you write your own story about it?

5.  Is there a game you can use those math skills?  A sport?  How about trivia for science or other subjects?  The ,Are You Smarter than a Third Grader' game?  (Or is it 5th grader?)

6.  Read a book about it.  On a lower grade level if you are reading for information for a school subject.  On a youth level if you are trying to teach a young adult about social skills.

7.  Model behaviors your self.  Later talk to your child about how you did that.

Then do it all again.


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