Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Adult Children in SIL

SIL means Supported Independent Living. When my oldest daughter moved into her own apartment, I waited a couple of months to see how things went. After that I signed with the provider to provide SIL as well as staff. They handle her money, very well I might add.

They are also responsible for food and clothes inventory and purchases. They seem to do well with that too. It didn't take long before they applied for food stamps or SNAP as it's called now here. She qualified because she only gets SSI.

All of that to share that I had to be really persistent to get them to give her some acetominophen for a sore throat. At one point my daughter was telling me she couldn't OD on it. Now she didn't come up with that phrase by herself. And she had only taken two acetomenophin in the past 24 hours.

I finally called the supervisor who said she would make sure Dominoe got acetominophen regularly and she would call the doctor Monday. I don't think they realize how sick she can get.

We have been lucky she has not gotten sick. Now that she lives on her own she doesn't have to deal with younger siblings and their sickness either. I suppose the provider also doesn't know how she wouldn't eat as a baby. She had what they called 'failure to thrive' at one point.

Do you have SIL where you are located? How does it work for you?

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